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Please Note;
Names are NOT under strict Alphabetical order.


A magnificent Binomial but Saxes wich need more attention.  Slow growing and difficult to root.  Verry well humus rich soil wich is awfully good drained.

  'Dalibor' Light Violet-Purple 4,00 V. Stepankova 1971.  All the x doerfleri's are stunning but slow growing plants wich are not easy to propagate!  So you can understand that this Binomial group is not always in stock and when, it is soon sold out.  'Dalibor' is of great beauty,sturdy robust Sax with a beautiful flower color.  Give well drained gravelly soil on a light and sunny spot.  Think it's better to give overhead protection in winter for it doesn't like wet feet.
  'Ignatz Doerfler' Red-Purple 4,00 1915 By Franz Sundermann.  Same conditions as above,but 'Ignatz' is somewhat easier growing and rooting.
  'Josef Janous' Rose-Violet fading to Purple-Rose 4,00 1965 by Josef Janous.  Strange grisebachii x stribrnyi seedling.  Beautiful sax but the most tricky to root of the x doerfleri's.  Same conditions but maybe good to try in Tuf.  Sometimes one to spare but i like to keep them.....
  'Tycho Brahe' Red-Purple 4,00 Sturdy very grey rosettes.  This is also a strange seedling.  stribrnyi x federici-augusti forma Wisley. Growing well,not so slow but like 'Josef Janous' not easy to propagate. 1976 Radvan Horny.



Wellknown group with all good and nice plants for a light and rather sunny spot. With good longlasting flowers wich are good  weather resistant.
  'Arabella' Deep-Pinkish  3,00 Beautiful inbetween parents cross.  Robust sax with sharply pointed rosettes very grey on poor lean soil.  So give a well drained light and sunny spot.  Bit slow growing,flowers longlasting. 1966 raised by Franz Sundermann.
    'Bridget'  Rose 2,00 Round 1930 from Irland.  marginata var. coriophylla crossed with stribrnyi it gives us a cute irregular growing dome.  Nice grey rosettes,easy and well growing.  Light bit sunny spot in gravelly well drained soil.
    'Edith'  Pale-Pink 2,00  stribrnyi x marginata var.rocheliana  1915 F.Sundermann.  Popular and much asked for Saxifraga.  Like the good grey rosettes!  So even without flowers 'Edith' is a litlle treasure.  Good gravelly wel drained spot,enough light.
   'Jubilee'  Rose  2,00  Plant from P.Barrow,it's a seedling of 'Bridget' looks very similar but somewhat bigger,sturdier plant and slightly bigger flowers.  Same conditions.
   'Karel Stivin'  Soft-Rose  3,00 1960 By Karin Stivin.  Straight marginata x stribrnyi cross.  Plant makes groups of clustered rosettes.  Can become very lime encrusted wich is nice to see.   
     'Milada'  White  3,00 Frantisek Holenka 1965. The only x edithae with complete white flowers.  It's a beautiful cross clearly closer to marginata.  With soft green rosettes making a dense plant.  Very nice and popular newer intro. Doing well on almost any spot but when winter is very wet we noticed that it can need protection.




Lot of 'Old' good do'ers in this group.  all doing rather well and easy reliable saxes for the open garden.  Different shades of Yellow and mostly very free flowering. 

  'Boston Spa' Bright Light-Yellow 2,00 The x elisabethae's are one of the most popular Binomial Groups. Easy growers for almost every spot in the garden. 'Boston Spa' is such a good do'er.  Can grow rather fast so best in poor gravelly soil  1939 from the Brookside Nursery.
  'Brno' Yellow 2,00 More compact x elisbathea and therefor also suitable for a Tuf stone.  'Brno' is much slower growing than most of this Binomial.  Closer to burseriana.  In the garden almost on any spot.  an x elisabethae crossed wit x burseriana 'Brookside' from J.Holzbecher  Czech Republic.
  'Carmen' Bright Light-Yellow 2,00 1898!  by Franz Sundermann.   Dark green rosettes,can grow fast so best on poor gravelly soil with enough light and sun to keep in shape.  Good nice spinny rosettes,reliable and easy.
    'Cream Seedling' Pale Yellowish-Cream  2,00   Listed by the Paradise Nursery in 1978.  Nice one with spiny leaves,dark green rosettes.  Dislikes potculture,will grow rather loose.  In the open it prefers a weldrained soil wich can not give her to wet feets in autumn/winter.  Flower color and rosettes make this a charming and worthy plant in your collection.
     'Elisabeth Sinclair'  Pale-Yellow  2,00  Rather popular x elisabethae and much searched for at our Nursery. I's a 'Sylva' crossed back with burseriana.  Can be real choice when put in a Tuf stone!  In poor soil it makes a hard compact and dense plant.  In humus richer soil it tend to grow bit faster and loose.  1967 H.Lincoln Foster.
     'Foster's Gold' Dark Yellow   2,00 1967 by Foster.  Most popular x elisabethae and therefor highly in demand!  It's a 'Sylva' seedling witg a very good dark Yellow flower color.  The dark green rosettes make a clear contrast with the Big flowers.  Surprisingly choice in a big Tuf hole otherwise well drained gravelly soil and a light and bit sunny spot.
     'Galahad'  Pale-Yellow  2,00  Sax from Mr.Foster,probably a 'Sylva' x burseriana var. major   1967 by Mr.Foster.  Bit loose and irregular growing zo best in a gravelly poor sandy soil with plenty of light and a fair share of sun.  Good starters Sax.
     'Icicle'  White  4,00 Real choice and rare x elisabethae.  Seldom seen and offered.  'Sylva' x burseriana.  Very tight and compact plant.  try on Tuf stone. Spiny sharp pointed leaves.  Big flowers for a rather small plant.  Not always so easy to root so not always in stock.  The flowers can have a sort of greenish vein.  Waitinglist sax. 1967 H.Lincoln Foster.
     'Jason'  Light-Yellow  2,00  Seldom listed saxifraga from the mid sixties.  Smaller than other x elisabethae's and bit slow growing. Doing wel in the open and worth to try in a big Tuf stone. 1967 by H.L.Foster.
    'Leo Gordon Godseff'  Bright-Yellow  2,00 x elisabethae x sancta a old - 1911-  Cultivar from England.  Good do'er in poor gravelly soil to keep in shape. 
   'Lorelei'  Bright Warm-Yellow  3,00 F.Sundermann 1960   We are very happy that we have the seldom seen and listed 'lorelei' in our collection.  It's a rare and choice Saxifraga.  Named after the Rhine maiden who lured the fishermen to their destruction.  Closed spinny leaves bit up-growing.  She feels happy on a light and bit sunny spot.  Bit sandy/gravelly.  Does not like pot culture! Warm flower color.  Interesting to have in your collection.
     'Mars'  White  3,00  H.L.Foster late 1960s.  It's a burseriana x 'Sylva' cross.  Smaller and slow growing x elisabethae closer to burseriana. Very cute and superbe in Tufstone.  Seldom seen and listed so we are happy to offer so now and then young 'Mars' plants.  In the open Rockery best on bit more humus rich soil wich draines very good.
     'Midas'  Pale-Yellow  2,00  Also bit slower than others from this Binomial.  Foster 1966.  Good one on almost any spot in the open Garden.  Always a popular plant wich is sold often.
     'Millstream Cream'  Creamy-Yellow  2,00  Lovely Sax!  x elisabethae 'Sylva' x burseriana near to the last.  Foster 1964.  The flower color is outstanding and makes 'Millstream' therefor a charming eye-catcher in spring.  try one in Tuf!  Almost any spot wich is not to wet in autumn/winter will do.
     'Minehaha'  Pale-Yellow  3,00  Think one of the nicest Saxifraga's around.  Always here in the Top Ten of most popular Saxes!  So highly in demand here.  Superbe Tuf Sax!. In a through a real eye-catcher in spring with her nice yellow flowers contrasting with the darker green rosettes.  Flowers strong and longlasting.  Best in rather poor soil than she is amazing hard and compact. 1967 Foster Sax. burseriana x  x elisabethae 'Sylva'
     'Mrs.Leng'  Yellow  2,00  W.A.Clark plant among 1920s.  Fast grower for real poor sandy soil in plenty of light and a right amount of sunshine.  In rich soil the plant will flower poorly.  Not suitable for pot culture.  An pleasing x elisabethae without problems when you keep the above in mind.
     'Ochroleuca'  Pale-Yellow  2,00  burseriana var.burseriana x sancta cross.  F. Sundermann 1913!  Makes a perfect hard green dome in poor soil on a sunny spot.  In Tuf it wil surprise you.  Think one of the better x elisabethae's.
     'Primrose Dame'  Pale-Yellow  2,00  Without the 'usual' x elisabethae looks,intermediate between burseriana and sancta.  Stiff up-going rosettes,sharply pointed and a bit open.  Noticed that she's doing better in a poor/sandy soil.  She will stay more compact.  Nice and bit unusual Saxifraga which is in demand. 1938 Russel Vincent Prichard.
     'Sylva'  Soft Pale-Yellow  2,00  Used in many of the x elisabethae crosse.  F.Sundermann -1898- so a very old Cultivar!  Rather long flower stems.  Also better in poor soil because she can grow fairly well.
     'Tully'  Pale-Yellow  3,00 1936 J.Wells. 'Tully' is a pleasant and good Saxifraga.  In Tuf and a through it will be an eye-catcher with the Yellow flowers on the rather dark green rosettes.  I prefer in the open a sandy more gravelly soil.  Popular Saxifraga.




Lovely cross with some nice strong and easy Saxes for the open Rockery.  Without problems.  Good Saxes for beginners.

     'Eudoxiana'  Light Cold-Yellow  2,00  J.Kellerer 1906.  Nice close packed rosettes,pointed leaves,light green.  Makes a nice mat.  All x eudoxiana's need a fairly light and sunny spot and a sandy gravelly poor soil to keep them from growing out of proportion. 
     'Gold Dust'  Yellow  2,00 1950s.  A.Bloom.   Very good and easy saxifraga.  Looking good with it's sharp pointed rosettes and darkgreen appearance.  The warm Yellow color contrasts nicely with the dark cushion.  Like above poor soil.
     'Haagii'  Yellow  2,00  Vigorous Sax,well flowering.  'Haagii' is a hybrid of F.Sundermann 1908 and always been rather popular  over the decades and still is. On any poor gravelly spot it will please you.


This combination is somewhat more trickier but with some attentions they will thrive well in your collection.  All dislike to much wetness and need very well drained soil.

    'Banshee' White 4,00 x petraschii 'Kaspar Maria Sternberg' x marginata nearer to the last.  Bit slow and needs gravelly well drained soil because its not so fond of soil wich stays wet to long.  Does make a nice cushion with good white flowers. Try one in Tuf or through to give more attention. 1967 H.L.Foster.
    'laura St.Clair' White 2,00 Showy Sax,mature plants are often covered with flowers. Fast growing so best in sandy gravelly soil. Popular Saxifraga. marginata crossed with x petraschii 'kaspar Maria Sternberg' 1969 by Foster.
    'Sabrina' White 3,00 Found out that she needs bit attention,dislikes moist soil in autumn/winter.  Maybe Tuf is a good option or a very well drained through.  Grows rather slow and compact.  cross between 'Kaspar Maria Sternberg' and marginata but more like  the first.  Sometimes a few to spare.  1969 H.L.Foster same cross as 'laura St.Clair'
     'Swan'  White  4,00  'Swan' is like 'Sabrina' bit tricky to grow well.  Flowers on short stems petals bit waved.  Small rosettes.  Plant raised by H.L.Foster 1969.  Sometimes available.


Stunning 'loner' in this Binomial.  A saxifraga so pointed that it's compared with Drakula's theet!   Pitty enough not easy to propagate.

    'Drakula' Yellow 4,00 1960 Karel Stivin.  One of the most beautifull Cultivars.  Raised from a isolated swarm of var.radoslavoffii seedlings.  On humus rich soil wich is very gravelly and extremely good drained it will do fine.  Also in a Alpine-house.  Tuf stone is a very good alternative.  Young plants dislike wet soil around their feet.  Once established it's a wonderfull strong plant,very,very sharp -Drakula's teeth- pointed rosettes!  Good lime encrusted.  The problem is that making cuttings is very difficult so sometimes a few available and mostly going to people on the waitinglist.


Very difficult an unusual cross. 

  'Parcevalis' Bronzy-Yellow 4,00 1950s.  Valerie Finnis.  To be honest this strange cross between aizoides from a different section! and x anglica 'Myra' is not so easy to grow well and healty.  It's more a rare curiosity for who wants a challenge.  Best in Alpine-house in pot or maybe Tuf?  The rooting is rather difficult.  Not often on sale.  Photo of a young plant with it's delicate color.


Great combi ofcourse between these two beautiful European Species.  Slow growing and dry feet in weather are neccesary.

 Pale-Yellow 4,00  Looking at the parents x fleischeri are beauties but not the easiest Cultivars.  Slow to root and slow growing.  But in well drained more humus rich medium they will thrive rather happily.  Give plenty of light on the spot and they can stand reasonable well somee sun but dislike to much wetness in autumn and winter.  Alpine-house just make them happy when very good air circulation.  Not difficult but a Binomial with some care.  Not often in stock  1960 Franz Sundermann.
     'Fantomas'  Pale-Yellow  4,00  Flowers Pale-Yellow at the base somewhat pinkish.  It's a seedling of 'Bucholzii' with slightly differences in all parts.  Same conditions and also just sometimes for sale.  1975 Dr.Radvan Horny.
     'Mephisto' Violet-Red   4,00 1915 Sundermann cross  grisebachii x luteo-viridis.  Irregular formed plant,flower color is beautiful starting at Vermillion-Red slowly fading to a lighter Reddish.  Same condition as the two others.  Pitty is that 'Mephisto' is even growing slower and rooting is more difficult.  Photo of a young plant in the Rockgarden.


The delicate diapensioides with the strong ferdinandi gives us a surprisingly nice cultivar

    'Anna' Warm Yellow 2,00
1995 Oldrich Maixner.  Knowing the parents one can assume that 'Anna' must be a lovely Sax...and she is but strange enough rather underestimated.  Small rosettes make a hard compact cushion.  Does nice in a Tuf hole.  The flowers derive from ferdinandi-coburgi,choice and warm on stems wich are longlasting.  An open spot in the Rockgarden will do if it's bit sunny and not to humus rich.

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